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Like Human, a Robot can perform stunts || Disney has opted an adept at spectacular gymnastic feats movement in which a person twists head over heels in the air or on the ground and grounds or completes on their feet. A direction towards opposite somersault like similar actions done in the air with the devices and legs extended out straight. Just like Human Being.

Robot Stunts
Credit: Pixabay

A Stuntronics Video visual shows gaint machine launched in the air that push, or throw (something) with a sudden quick movement and lands into the net.

Disney unveiled quite after one month, Spintronics project has made partly from aspects of a previous experiment known as “stickman”. 

A Robot Stunts
Credit: Pixabay

The human-scale robot, Stunt performing are the first created by Stickman robot. Initially, Stunt Robot is a mid-level show at Disney Land.

An Array, Accelerometer & Gyroscope are the latest versions like Stickman. The Robo can pose stunts in mid-level-air in Stuntronics.

A Robot Stunts
Credit: Pixabay
"Tony Dohi" states that this is all about an act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact. The characters on screen are seen like whether our own animation charaters like StarWars  or Pixar charaters or Marvel charaters are really doing or active, because of the expectations that our characters are performing the things on the screen. However, we come to know that we are in kind of a break the connection when it regarding of our entertainment.

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