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Are you working out at the gym? then try Chocolate Milk instead of Sports drink!

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Health Tips || The new research has found that protein shakes like a gel which holds ions and can be spoiled by electrolysis, e.g. that present in a battery. Most of the gym buffs are refusing to intake especially sports drinks to regenerate the energy from their gym.

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However, a study has come to light that chocolate milk bar or candy type is more effective and delicious then sports drinks. Shahid Sadoughi a researcher from University in Yazd, Iran. Chocolate milk not only provided you instant energy than sports energy drink but also it develops less risk in cardiac arrest and increases heart rate along with lactic acid.

Health Tips
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Chocolate milk includes carbohydrates, fats and proteins along with these it includes water and electrolytes. These are important when it comes to post-exercise recovery. The scientist examined 13 studies in which around 160 contestants had taken chocolate milk after working out cycling and running. 

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The results proved much more positive that chocolate milk in both more or equally effective to other recovery fluids drinks. However, the scientists made a note that further examinations have to be taken finally.

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