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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Karthika Masam | Interlinkzone |

Karthika Masam - AnAuspicious and Sacred Masam

Karthika Masam | Interlinkzone |

The month it's most auspicious and sacred(connected with GOD) month for each Lord Shiva and Vishnu followers. It is believed that giving prayers to "Shivakesavas" significantly during this month brings luck and prosperity. Karthika Masam is that the favorite month to Lord Shiva amongst all different months.

Karthika Masam | Interlinkzone |

Karthika Masam or Kartika month is that the most auspicious month amongst all twelve Hindu months. And it begins from Aswayuja Suklapournami to sacred with Lord Shiva & Vishnu in keeping with pujas, rituals, Kartika Masam month offer them nice pleasure and happiness in life as a result of this is often the foremost favorite month for each of the Supreme Gods Lord Vishnu and Shiva. They believe that praying to Lord throughout Kartika maas fetches them Moksha (salvation). The pujas, all different rituals, rules throughout the month they are referred to as Kartika Chad Vratam. There are bound rules and codes to perform Kartika Chad vrata. The Karthika Purana details the rituals and customs to be performed throughout the month of Karthik. numerous Hindu sacred(Connected with GOD) have mentioned the list of basic rituals and customs of Kartika Masam. Kartik Masam is that the holiest month within the Hindu calendar. It always overlaps with the months Oct within the English calendar. Kartika Masam is represented within the scriptures because the best among months for playing austerities.

Sutaji described to the nice sages: "The sin-destroying month of Hindu calendar month is claimed to be blessed with divine influence. it's ever pricey to Lord Hindu deity and is that the bestower of each worldly pleasures and moksha (salvation)."

The rituals related to the Kartika month are as follows:

Japa - intonation the holy names of the Lord. As per our scriptures, if someone performs even a bit worship of Lord Shri Hari during this month, He offers that follower His own abode.

Deep Daan (offering lamps) - Worship the Lord by providing lamps (diyas), flowers, incense, food, etc. Lighting a Diya before the Lord is named as "deep-daan" and affords huge spiritual deserves once performed throughout the Hindu calendar month.

In the Padma Purana, Kartik Mahatmya, there's an awfully known story of a mouse.

In a temple of Lord Vishnu, there was a mouse which usually ate the butter from the destroyed drawn butter lamps that had been offered by devotees to Him. One fine day she felt hungry to eat clarified butter, she tried to eat the clarified butter from a lamp that wasn't nevertheless destroyed. whereas intake clarified butter from the lamp, the cotton wick got stuck in her teeth. Since the clarified butter wick had a flame, the mouse started jumping before of the Lord's Vishnu and so it finally died and thanks to the fireplace. however, Lord Sri Vishnu accepted the jumping of that mouse with a lit clarified butter wick in her mouth as His aarti. In the end, He gave her liberation, the very best destination.

If someone burns a lamp within the temple of Lord Shri Hari even for a brief time (in the month of Kartik masa), then no matter sins, he has noninheritable  for lots of kalpas (one kalpa equals one thousand yugas) are all destroyed."

Of all gifts, the gift of a lamp throughout the month of Kartik masa is that the best. No gift is its equal."

The Puran states, "The one who lights the lamp of Sesamum (til) oil in the name of Lord Shri Hari within the month of Kartik masa (during Sandhya kal) gets ultimate prosperity, beauty, delight ness and wealth."

Brahmacharya - throughout Kartik masa month, one ought to refrain from indulgence in bad activities and may maintain Brahmacharya.

Karthika Masam | Interlinkzone |

Worship of Tulsi Devi in Kartik masa is that the bestower of countless virtues. As per our scriptures, the spiritual deserves obtained from bathing at Prayag, death in Kashi, and study of the scriptures square measure noninheritable merely through the worship of the Tulsi plant. throughout Kartik masa month, one ought to especially lightweight a diya close to the Tulsi plant. Applying tilak on the forehead utilizing Tulsi ji's mitti (sand) in Kartik masa bestows fortune (saubhagya).

Karthika Masam | Interlinkzone |

Give Charity (daan).
Perform austerities - Lord Shiva aforesaid to His son Kartikeyaji, "Dear son! One who takes a shower before sunrise within the month of Kartik masa is cleared of all sins." a shower throughout the Brahma-Murat during this month reception additionally affords a similar spiritual deserves as bathing in holy places of a journey like Gangaji, Kashi, etc. 

Karthika Masam | Interlinkzone |

By sleeping on the bottom throughout Kartik masa, one is entitled to a similar spiritual deserves as obtained by donating a bit of land to Brahmins throughout the eclipses.

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