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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Karthika Pournami Story | Interlinkzone |

When Krithika star prevails on the complete moon day within the month of Karthikam it's popularly referred to as Karthika Masam(month). Karthika Masam is that the Eighth lunar month of Indian Calendar and falls around in November of Gregorian Calendar. This month is incredibly special for Lord Shiva as he kílled Tripurasuras on the day of Karthika pournami and protected the planet from him and Lord Vishnu who will be into sleep on Ashadha Shuddha Ekadashi and wakeup on Karthika Shuddha Ekadashi.

Karthika Pournami Story

This month is additionally auspicious and sacred to their brother Ayyappa as Ayyappa Deeksha is taken by his devotees in Karthika Masam that continues up to Makara Sankranthi falling on January 15th. Several perform Lord Satyanarayana puja too during this month preferably on Karthika Pournami.

Why do we Celebrate Karthika Pournami Festival? Tripurasura samharam a story of the destruction of evil.

This is the story of tretayuga. There was an intelligent sage gritasmada. Once that sage had an awfully huge cough. From that came a child. the most ambition of the kid was to overcome the 3 worlds and to defeat Indra. To alter his mind the sage told that kid to worship Lord Ganapati. He chanted the mantra of lord Ganapati. Lord Ganesha pleased together with his devotion offered him a boon, Ganesha said to the kid that “I can provide you with 3 cities made from gold, silver, and iron, solely lord Shankara will defeat you and with one arrow all the 3 cities may be destroyed. With this boon, tripurasura defeated all the kings of the planet, and every one the gods of heaven. He had 2 sons he gave the kingdom of Lord Brahma to at least one son and therefore the kingdom of Lord Vishnu to the other son. Narada suggested all the gods hope Ganesha. Ganesha appeared before the gods and said that solely lord Shankara will defeat tripurasura. Then Ganapati visited tripurasura in a semblance of a Brahmin. He said to tripurasura that ‘ O King I have experience in 64 arts. Tripurasura said that show me your arts if I am happy along with your arts I will be able to provide you with whatever you would like.

Karthika Pournami Story

Ganesha said that I will be able to provide you with 3 planes through that you'll go any wherever within the world and you'll fulfill any need. Only lord parmeshwara will destroy them. With this tirpurasura became very happy and asked Ganapati to ask him anything within the world. Ganapati asked the idol of chintamani that was with lord Shiva. Shiva refused to offer that idol to  tripurasura, and there started a war between lord Shiva and tripurasura. Lord Shiva destroyed all the 3 buildings, planes with one arrow,

Explanation of the chariot used in the war between Lord Shiva and Tripurasura.

Prithvi was the chariot, sun and moon were the wheels, bramha was the charioteer, Meru was the bow and Hindu deity was the arrow.

When Shiva released the arrow there was a great deal of lighting emitted from it, by seeing the sunshine tripurasura got fainted and therefore the arrow destroyed all the 3 cities, the asuras athma came out of the body within the sort of Jyothi and entered Lord Shiva.

It is narrated that on the Ksheerabdhi Dwadashi day all the thirty two Gods together with Shri Mahalakshmi and Lord Vishnu stays within the Tulsi Garden. Earlier in Kretayugam this was the day once Gods and Demons performed Ksheeramanthanam within the milky ocean is known because the Ksheerabdhi Dwadashi,and as churning the milky ocean it's called 'Chiluka Dwadashi'. These days all the married ladies does puja as Tulasi Dhatri(Tulasi pot),lighting diyas and Shodashopacharalu(all the rituals) by conducting Tulasi Kalyanam,the LakshmiNarayana are idolised.

Karthika month is that the most auspicious month in Hindu calendar. During this month we offer prayers to each Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. There are 2 vital festivals during this month,  one is ksheerabdhi dwadashi and therefore the second is Karthika pournami. Ksheerabdhi dwadashi is twelfth day, we offer prayers to Tulasi plant.

Kathika Purnima is additionally celebrated because the day on that Lord Hindu deity incarnated as Matsya or Matsyavatram happened on Karthika Purnima. Matsyavatara was to avoid wasting Manu from the MahaPralaya.

Karthika Deepam is one in all the foremost ancient festivals that are celebrated since ages in line with Indian history. It's symbolic of the festival of lights in India and is devoted to the infinitude of The Almighty. In truth it's known as “Chiru Deepavali”, suggests that a minor Deepavali.

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