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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple - Telangana | Interlinkzone |

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple - Telangana

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple: This place is found on this distance of 25 Kms far from Kothakota that is on the National main road NH7 in between Hyderabad and Kurnool. Kurumurthi could be a hill temple and therefore the main divinity is Lord Sri Venkateshwara Swamy. In past days the temple was in an exceeding crumple between 2 mountains. The temple was created during A.D. 1350 and it's a pleasure to possess a Darshan of Sri Venkateshwara Swamy in an exceeding cave. At the present, the cave has been removed and therefore the temple was created. to achieve the temple there are steps from the foot of the hills. A sacred water body is found at the foothills.

Kurupathi Sri Kurumurthy Srinivas Swamy Temple is additionally known as a Second Tirupathi.

Sri Kurumurthy Srinivas Swamy Temple, thought-about in the concert of the oldest temples in Telangana could be a major attraction to the devotees of Lord Hindu deity, else referred to as Lord Venkateshwara. The temple is understood for its religious history and therefore the traditions being followed here

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple - Telangana

Temple Location

This temple is of 630 years recent temple in-built 1350 AD is found on Kurupathi Hills in Ammapur village, Mahbubnagar. That is thirty-two km far from Gadwal city.

Temple History

The existence of the temple on the hills is related to the story of divinity Sri Hindu deity Devi asking Lord Srinivasa to form His presence felt on the hills, therefore, the devotees are able to provide the prayers to the Almighty. Thus to please the divinity, Lord manifested himself on the Kurupathi Hills.

Meaning of the Place

The name Kurupathi refers to a few words in Telugu idiom, ‘Kuru’ suggests that ‘to do’, ‘Matim’ concerning ‘mind’ and ‘pati’ that means ‘husband’. Hence this refers to the place wherever the Lord resides. The image of the Lord had been within the caves for nearly 630 years until Sri Mukkara Chandra Reddy created a temple within the hills and placed the image there. The temple was additional restored by Sri Ramabhupal and KothaKapulu.

The story of Lord Kurumurthy Swamy 

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple - Telangana

Lord Srinivasa created his presence felt within the seven hills of Kurupathi i.e. Swethadri, Ekadri, Durgadri, Ghanadri, Ballukadri, Patagadri and at the last Daivatadri. Daivatadri is that the place wherever the temple has been created. The story of the looks of the Lord is extremely a lot of just like that in Tirumala Tirupathi.

The architecture of Temple

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple - Telangana

The temple has been in-built an impressive art form. The doorway includes a large Gopuram. There are two hundred steps resulting in the most temple, although' the pilgrims also can reach the temple by their vehicles.

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple - Telangana

A few fascinating facts regarding the Self Manifested Kurumurthy temple that is additionally called the second Tirupati. One had to crawl right down to reach the most temple until your time back because it was within the kind of a cave. What we have a tendency to see these days may be a reconstructed kind.

One will have darshans of Lord Anjaneya and Lord Chennakeseva before reaching the most temple of Lord Srinivasa.

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple - Telangana

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple - Telangana

The chappals bestowed to the Lord created by the villagers of Vaddeman village are unbroken in Uddala Mandapa. each year a replacement combine is created by the devoted maker of this village WHO prepares it whereas fast and feeding solely on milk for 3 days. These chappals are bestowed to the Lord in a very procession held throughout Diwali.

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple - Telangana

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple - Telangana

The Kurumurthy Jathara or Kurumurthy Swamy Brahmostavam, the annual congregation is taken into account the most important such Jatharas within the Mehaboobnagar district. The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) arranges special buses to the temple throughout the amount.

Types of ways that to reach the temple

The road ways is the one will simply reach the Kurumurthy Temple by several public and personal transport services from the Gadwal city. The temple is thirty-two km from the city and takes around 1hour twenty minutes to achieve.Besides, one may also board the State Transport buses from the close cities, Wanaparthy and Mahbubnagar that take them straight to the Kurupathi temple. The Trainway is the one may additionally board the train and acquire down at the Gadwal railroad terminal is found on the Mahbubnagar -Kurnool railway line. One will get the local buses from the train station to achieve the Kurumurthy Temple. The Airways is the Shamshabad aerodrome,Hyderabad is 141 Kms away. but just in case one is visiting from a closed state, one will use the transportation to reach Hyderabad. From here, one will reach the Kurupati Temple by boarding the train or the other transport.

Distance to Kurumurthy Swamy Temple

From Hyderabad to Kurumurthy Swamy Temple is 143 Kms ( takes approx. 3 hours to reach)
From Gadwal city is forty-three Kms
From Mahbubnagar city is sixty-two Kms
From Wanaparthy is thirty four Kms


There is no provision of staying within the temple space. One could visit the temple to seek blessings and go to the right city.

Traditional Programmes

On every weekend or on an occasion the devastham team will be conducting traditional programmes like Bharatha Natyam, Kathakali etc., 

The classical dancers are from a similar hometown of Mahaboobnagar and the dancers perform the dance in a magnificent way. So on the weekends, this type of cultural programmes will be organized for devotees at adjacent to the Sri Vari Paadala Mandapam. 

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple - Telangana

Most of the devotees will reside their accommodation in an open ground. Overall, with this type of cultural activities will bring an auspicious look in and around the temple premises.

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple - Telangana

The pilgrims will keep within the near cities of Mahbubnagar or Gadwal. they might get simple transport to reach the temple from here. One of the notable hotels in Gadwal as steered by the visiting pilgrims is that the edifice International. 

Best Time to Visit

A lot of common annual festival Brahmostavam (Kurumurthy Jathara) is held throughout Diwali once a year. This festival is well known for 19 days by the individuals with a lot of fanfare. this can be added the festival once the new pair of chappals is bestowed to the Lord. this can be the simplest time to visit the temple and get the blessing of the Lord.

Temple Address

Kurumurthy Swamy Temple
Kurumurthy Village,
Near Ammapur Village,
Chinnachintakunta Mandal,
Mahbubnagar District
Telangana, India. 509110.

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