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Saturday, July 27, 2019

What is on-page SEO? | SEO checklists for beginners | 2019 | Interlinkzone |

The big issues you view with SEO today is how marketers meet it. While many marketers believe all things SEO to fall under one umbrella, but it is not that there are in general two types branches to be seen i.e, on-page and off-page SEO. To help you you need to learn more about the in’s and out’s of SEO and re-tune your current strategy to be up-to-date here’s a thorough overview/Checklists and explanation of some best examples

When you think about the foremost basic search engine optimization ways like exploitation keywords in your copy and optimizing the meta description, HTML code, title tags, and alt tags, that’s the foundation for on-page SEO. On-page SEO refers to all the measures that may be taken directly among your web site to boost its position within the search rankings. This includes those basic ways listed on top of, however additionally takes into thought things like overall content quality, page performance, and content structure.

There are certain factors which need to meet the On-page SEO.

A few years ago keywords are less important, keyword optimization is still and a hotcake of SEO today. That shows, the focus has moved towards more long-tail keywords, which fit the search pages of today’s internet users better. Think of your audience/visitors and the keywords they’re searching for, and try to build and optimize your website content around those keywords.

Meta Description

SEO checklists for beginners

A meta description acts like an infographic that appears below your URL on a search engine page and below a headline in a social post. It should describe the content on that web page, but more preciously, make sure that to include any relevant keywords in this area so they can be picked up by search engine crawlers. Try and keep your descriptions to short like under 300 characters to ensure your entire description is shown in search engine page. 

Alt Text

Alt text represents the word or phrase that can be attributed to an image file to help it be indexed for searching. If you utilize a graphic in your blog that outlines some injection molding tips, for instance, you can save the image as “automotive-injection-molding-tips”, and that graphic will commence ranking for that phrase in the image results.

Title Tag

Meta title tags are a very an important factor in helping search engines understand what your page is all about, and they are the initial one which gives the impression to many visitors have of your page. Title tags are utilized in three key places:

  • Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

SEO checklists for beginngers

  • Web browsers

SEO checklists for beginngers

  • Social networks

SEO checklists for beginners


Page security is vitally important than ever in 2018, and enabling Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security technology is crucial for improving your security, trustworthiness, and visibility. By enabling SSL, the third party doesn’t come between your web server and the visitors’ web server, ensuring that information entered on the site would be secure. In the same way, Google actually prefers sites that are SSL-enabled, making it essential to boosting visibility.

URL Structure

In addition to these factors listed above, an organized URL structure is vital for latest marketers, it is because it gives a way to search engines to crawl from page-to-page on your website more easily, and creates navigation more efficient for visitors. You want your URLs to contain keywords that appear the pages they direct to, as easy-to-understand URLs are more likely to earn more clicks, and also help search engines crawl your site.

This is where pillar pages came into play more recently for marketers, with certain web pages on websites being dedicated to famous topics your prospects are searching for and linking all related pages back to that pillar. Let’s say you want to build pillar pages dedicated to automotive, medical, and consumer injection molding applications, for example. With your pillars identified, you can tailor your web content and URL strategy specifically to those pillars, link all related content back to the main pillar page and help you boost your searchability on those topics.

What Are Internal Links?

SEO checklists for beginners

Internal links are hyperlinks that trigger to pages on the similar domain. These are unlike than external links, which link out to pages on different domains.

Internal links give access to Google to find, index and understand all of the pages on your site. 
If you use them wisely, internal links can transfer page authority (also known as PageRank) to major pages. In short: internal linking is the major key for any web site that wants higher rankings in Google.

Page Performance

While other factors of on-page SEO deal with the content of quality and structure of the page, the performance of your website and its pages are also an on-page ranking factor. Pages that consume more time to load or don’t render properly on mobile would rank less in the search engine results pages (SERPs), as users will get frustrated, leave, and it would increase the bounce rate. Search engines examine this and use it as a key page ranking factor, so it’s important for marketers to consider the image file sizes on their web pages, decrease redirects, increase the mobile responsiveness of their web site, and minimize the amount of CSS/Javascript.

Google algorithm

Google creates algorithm updates once or twice in a month, but unlike all of them have an equally strong impact on the SERPs. To brief, you make sense of Google's major algo alterations in the past years, Every year, Google makes hundreds of changes to search. While most of the changes are minimal, Google specifically creates a major algorithmic update (such as Panda and Penguin) that reflects search results in significant ways.

For search marketers, are well knowing when major Google updates happened can support to explain changes in rankings and organic website traffic and ultimately increase search engine optimization. SEO checklists for beginners

Google Panda

Google Panda is a sequence of on-going algorithm updates and data energize for the Google search an engine that the company rolls out to help refine its search algorithm to increase the value of search query results for users. The Google Panda updates importantly twist the algorithm as part of Google's frequently efforts to examine high-quality sites and web pages to the top of the organic search results while decreasing, or penalizing, to the rank of less-quality content or "thin' web sites, specifically those sites that reflect a huge amount of ads without much in terms of high-quality content.

Google Penguin

Google Penguin targets to identify and degrade-rank web sites with unnatural link profiles, deemed to be spamming the search results by using manipulative link tactics. Since late 2016, Penguin is partner with Google's core ranking algo and controls in real-time, as a result of these penalties are now applied much faster, and recovery also takes less time.

Google pigeon

Google Pigeon is also known as a codename that represents an algorithm update for Google's Local Search engine, which the company rolled out with the purpose of "providing a additional useful and relevant experience for searchers entreat local results," according to Google.

The initial Google Pigeon update came into exists on July 24th, 2014 with implementing new improvements to distance and location ranking specifications as well as links into Google's web search capabilities.  Google Pigeon presently only affects for the United States English local search results, and it also impacts the organic local listings within both Google's Map Search and Web Search.


“Hummingbird” is the name of the new Google’s search platform that Google is utilizing since September 2013, the name exits from being “accurate and rapid” and is designed to give a valuable meaning behind the words.

What does it Hummingbird mean? And how it is now being used?

Just think of a bike discovered in the '90s. Earlier, it was a great engine, but it might also be an old engine that lacks things like CC or be unable to use for mileage. When Google turned-up to Hummingbird, it's like an old engine dropped out of a bike and put in the new one.

What type of updated search activity does Hummingbird provide?

The “Conversational search” is one of the most updates for instance Google offers. Users, when speech searches, may find it more helpful to have a conversation.

Mobile-Friendly Update

SEO checklists for beginners

What is "The Google Mobile Friendly Update"?

In the year 2018 On April 21st Google announced an important new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm update it is  modified to boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search page.

Google has been modifying lots of changes to apps, Google Play store, the presentation of mobile SERPS, and few of the more well development instructions to impact mobile. We believe these are in preparation for the 4/21 update.

Google has been decreasing some of these changes and we have no knowledge about anything that Google will announce on 4/21, but instead, on what we have seen and heard recently.

What is Google Fred?

Google Fred is an algorithm update which triggers to black-hat tactics tied to drive monetization. It consists of multiple ads, less-value content, and low added user benefits. It doesn’t mean that all web sites will target by the Google Fred update are dummy web sites drives for ad revenue, but (as one of the famous CEO noted in his observations of Google Fred) the massive of websites affected were content related web sites that have a huge amount of ads and seem to have been a drive for the purpose of generating revenue.

The below picture states that website penalized by Google Fred. Ads are highlighted in yellow color, and these are the most important pieces on the web page. The content is purely very thin.
SEO checklists for beginners

What type of websites are targeted by Google Fred?

    Most of the websites are affected by the following:
  • An extremely huge presence of ads.
  • The Content (normally in blog form) on all sorts of topics wise drives for ranking purposes.
  • The Content which has ads posted or other affiliate links spread throughout the page, and the quality of content is more below industry-instruction web sites.
  • The most misleading ads (usually looks like a download or play button to trap someone into hitting the button).
  • A very thin content.
  • The User Experience UX barriers.
  • And few things like The Mobile issues, Aggressive affiliate accounts links, Aggressive drives only for monetization, etc.,

Google Possum

SEO checklists for beginners

The "Possum" is an update of Google’s new local search rankings algorithm. Possum will decide when businesses should show up in local search results page, few times sorting business listings out of search results. As a result of this that local businesses may not always reflect on the similar search page.

Physical Location of the User/Searcher

SEO checklists for beginners

Google Rank Brain

SEO checklists for beginners

RankBrain is a part of machine learning (AI) that Google utilizes to filter the search result pages. Google process will understand search queries with the help of this.

What are differences of RankBrain?

The Machine learning is something like self-education on how to do something a task, being taught by humans instead.

Artificial intelligence is acting as a smart human being, it acquires knowledge on both being taught and from self-education and creates a new connection.

Earlier, Artificial intelligence exists only in science-related subjects. But now, it is a part of computer systems that are discovered to learn and make a connection.

Google Payday Loan

SEO checklists for beginners

Google Payday Loan algorithm on June 11, 2013. Google the search engine will monitor and penalize web sites for which using a search engine for spamming, it is also known as spamdexing or Black Hat SEO, to improve their web sites to rank. It is considered as a "spammy."

Google released the Google Payday Loan algorithm update to sort out less quality web pages which are using several things of spam techniques to rank first and to divert heavy traffic by keyword using like "payday loans," or other various pornographic keywords.

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