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Saturday, October 12, 2019

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What does keyword mean in SEO?

What does keyword mean in SEO

A keyword is a word that describes the content on your webpage. With the help of keyword or phrase in Google or other search engines, a visitor requirement information should be available on your website. Of course, you should analyze how users are searching for the products, services or information. So my point is to make it simple and easy to find you on this web world. By doing this your website visitors will definitely it would be landing your web pages which results in the Google results. By utilizing the Keyword/Keywords in SEO your web page would be shown in rank grid above the competitors.

I hope now you might have got some idea why do we use Keyword in SEO. Just bear for few more minutes where you can go through to the whole process who does this works on web pages to rank on Google.

What does keyword mean in SEO
Due to developing the list of keywords would be the key point in any search engine optimization. Keywords and Search Engine Optimization are mutually combined when we need a win-win deal marketing campaign. Moreover, keywords are fundamental for all your other SEO efforts.

Now for an instance, you’ve got a website about mobile/smartphone you would like to sell these products. Your website will let the visitors know about product/services and also shares reviews of previously bought buyers. And now your whole website provides the smartphones information on category wise page and forget not to check these ones.

First research for a Keyword so the visitors whom do you want to be land on your website?

Analysis carefully which keyword would people using in page rank to locate you?
Check how the search query looks like?

Probably for example (smartphones/cheap smartphones), right? You know like this keyword reflects on the landing page. If you wish to elaborate on your content, how would that pop up? What keyword would you utilize? That would be your keyword or key phrase – if it has multiple words.

Generally, the most beginning of search marketers commits the same errors when it comes to SEO keyword research.

Mostly the new search marketers commit similar errors on SEO keyword research.

  • Doing SEO keyword research once.
  • Least bothered to update and enlarge their SEO keyword list.
  • Only targeting those keywords which are huge popular. I mean too competitive keywords.

Why do keywords very important?

The keyword which you are utilizing means they are hints to Google Search Engine. It informs to Google and other search engines about your page or post you are pointing. However, if you wanna understand Google about your page or post, then you make a wise decision on selecting keywords.

Of course in my point, it would be not much important keyword, although your main target should be always on the users/visitors and vital clients. With the help of SEO, you make people attract to land on your website when utilizing a particular keyword. so keep in mind that you should be thinking from your audience point of view/perspective and utilize the keywords accordingly.

The biggest mistakes are that if you utilize the incorrect keywords, then you may never be getting the user/visitors to land on your web page, that is because of your text which doesn’t relate what your vital user/visitor/audience is searching for. So based on this please do not use incorrect keywords and you may lose your business. So utilizing the right keyword it would put you out from the crowd and it is very important.

How do you utilize keywords in your pages and posts?

Earlier N number of keywords were used to add to pages and posts. Doing traditional fashion of keyword stuffing would you rank on Google Search Engine although a content similar keywords are not the right way. This is because when users read your text then it would be difficult for them. Google search engine would feel your content may be not valid. So by doing keyword stuffing would be a bit hard to do on Google Search Engine.

Then you might have a question about how to go genuine? don't worry about. For every question you will find an answer just keep calm and think professionally. The basic thing you need to do is to make sure that your content is easy to read to user/visitors. However, you may utilize your keywords in your content, but don’t do Keyword stuffing it is considered as an unethical SEO. The type of technique is often used to drive more traffic to illegal or malicious websites. Generally, 1 or 2% of your keywords would be in the text, it means you’re not stuffing it. But ensure that your keywords are used in properly throughout your text. One more thing I would like to remind you that please don’t use all keywords in the first paragraph and you might be a state of mind that you are done.No that is not correct. What you do is try to utilize the whole content with your keywords. And Use the keywords under the First Paragraph, page title, Meta Description, subheading or that would be dependable on the length of your post. 

I hope that now you know about the Keywords in SEO. This information would really help you guys when you working on Keyword Research.
Thank you so much for your time for being on my page and now I need to listen to from you. What do think about this list? Or maybe I lost one in all your favorite tools. Either way, let me understand by leaving a comment below.


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