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How your personal time is protected by Google?

How your personal time is protected by Google? || Google Calendar has set up a new feature like customize working hours. If any user or worker leaves or signed off from their system or any device then it will set a note like "Out Of Office" to the sender. This includes the work time available to others. This is to improve the digital presence.

IT has been randomly improved and made more resource to be utilized to the users like An employee who will in the office up to office hours includes Email, Phone, Tablet or Online. However, they need to sign off at the end of the day as their shift ends. Now, GC (Google Calendar) will come into the picture when a user or an employee who is away from the system or sign off then it would be sent an automatic reply called "Out Of Office"

pexels-photo-265072.jpegGC (Google Calendar) also has an option to change the feature. With this feature, the user who left the office or home or on vacation then the user would receive an automatic decline that "Out Of Office".

The settings are done before leaving the workstation. In a simple manner "Out Of Office" the Google team has written it in a blog on Wednesday. In addition, they wrote that a user can be able to save his/her personal time from the workstation.

The employees or user can set the time for one interval day-by-day or all weekdays. So here the GC (Google Calendar) will get active and give automatic replies to the sender that you are "Out Of Office".

This new edition will be reflecting all G suite within a couple of weeks. GC (Google Calendar) will conclude your schedule based on the time zones.

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