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You Were Never Realty Here movie review.

Jonathan Ames, Lynne Ramsay’s film describes the psyche of an issue war veteran who changed as a contract killer. Joe, who save a little girl from sex trapping. In the movie, the rescue mission, forced to experience and his consciousness when he unwraps a harmful plan.

The director Lynne Ramsay, well know of describing sad stories on the repercussion of a troubled past without resorting to much dialogue. Lynne, make you fasten your seat belt throughout the movie, an unnatural thriller reminiscent of John Krasinski’s survival horror. Lynne’s psychological mystery leaves you fascinated by fear and suffocated. In two films are been like the natural, the ability to turn viewers into the major character, thus feeling you live the horror instead of merely viewing it from a distance. The fear to make a single noise lets lonely breathe easily at the frighten of being the next casualty.

The Cannes favorite vastly distinct is its ability to showcase the protagonist’s challenging affecting and ethical arc. Joe is viciously violent, makes his living out of assassinating people, but won’t trade his conscience for anything. You feel for him and his scratched, rude childhood despite the barbaric ways he chooses to carry on. Atmospheric and frightening, you watch Joe’s every move like a hawk. There’s not an exciting moment as Ramsay keeps creating the feeling of worry throughout with an strange mix of steady eerie sound, intensely painful sound effects, and alarming flashbacks. You get attracted into gerund Joe’s shocking past by wanting to piece the puzzle together.

However, the film is supremely engaging, it is Joaquin Phoenix who takes breaths life and stratagem into its cold existence. The greatest actor for this generation, only a Unique actor can play both a caring son who takes after his old mother and a gun who indifferently beats people to decease with a mallet.

You Were Never Really Here is rigid, rough, eerie and disconcerting. It is not everyone's story but if you imagine such psychological thrillers, this one’s a must watch a movie, mainly for the raw radiation of Joaquin Phoenix.

Movie :You Were Never Realty Here
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Ekaterina Samsonov, Judith Roberts, John Doman
Direction: Lynne Ramsay
Duration: 1 hr 29 min
Lauguage: English (A)



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