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Mobile Or Finger? Which one do you prefer?

Which one do you prefer to lose, Smartphone or Finger? Most of the people have voted that they do anything to save their Smartphone. And interestingly, few people worried that they are ready to lose their finger for their Smartphones.
A recent survey by Tappable, done by the United Kingdom-based application department agency has brought the facts that 28% of millennials in the united kingdom will select smartphones from their five sense organs, next 40% of the people will opt to give up drinking for their smartphone, and 18% of the people will swap sex for their devices. Moreover,  12% of the people said they are willing to chop their finger rather than their smartphone.
One of the person who is willing to remain anonymous says: We can’t live without a smartphone, it dissolved into every part of our body/life. Scientists did speak to 550 millennials in the UK around age 19- 35 in this survey. It seems to be like an entertaining, but this analysis brings the picture on conversation about phones. This activity has absorbing by various firms, teenagers, adults.  Few people have argued that phone manufacturers should help to control our dependency on smartphones.
An another survey has been held in the United States over 1190 millennials aged around 19 – 35 asked to prefer to give up the smartphone then they replied by some 42% of the people would prefer to give up shampooing a week. And 55% of the people have preferred to give up Television for a month or Movies etc., and 29% of them are willing to give up their pets and 23% of the people to give up caffeine, toothbrush but not the smartphone.
By these surveys, concludes that smartphone has taken a priority into their day-to-day life and most of them feel like the smartphones are like necessary to luxury.

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