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Woman’s car set the fire after lifting ban – Saudi

The capital of Saudi Arabia- Riyadh: A woman’s car has been set the fire and Saudi cops are chasing to find a person who commits arson. The week after the kingdom has lifted a 10-year huge ban on woman motorists.
A 31-year old, Salma al-Sherif who is a cashier, reported to the media that her four-wheeler completely set alight by few men due to a ban lifted on woman drivers.
The security officials are investigating and said that they are in search of the culprits.
Last month on June 24th, 2018 a ban has been lifted on women driving and they celebrated and moving on wheels for the first time in this history as the innovation and holding traditional values been changed.
Sherif said that their half part of the salary of 5,000 riyals been spent on expenses on a driver to drop them to their workstations. However, the female is being treated with disrespect from the first day onwards on driving, but Sherif has been received a large number of support on social media, with posting images on her burning four-wheeler.
But, it was not sure whether her car was insured. The government has sought to show that it is a faithful approval. However, many are still feeling that a strong negative reaction by a large number of people against women drivers on social media. Most of the woman are worried and they live off the streets as the reaction in the society split between commitment and adopting new habits propel established by the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.
Around 125000 driving applications have been received from women, as per the sources. However, it has remained in suspense that how many women have been approved.

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